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Refuse single-use plastic cling film! Go for the kind substitute instead— Pollen & Hive! Use our beeswax wraps for your to-go snacks, as food containers, and more!  


  • This set includes:
    • 1 x small (8"x8")
    • 1 x medium (10"x10")
    • 1 x large (12"x12")
  • Square-shaped, with straight edges
  • All-natural, anti-bacterial and non-toxic
  • Reusable and compostable
  • Made with cotton fabric, Canadian beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil
  • Handmade in Vancouver, BC



  • Small (8"x8"): for half slices of fruits and vegetables; and as toppers for small jars, glasses, bottles, etc.
  • Medium (10"x10"): for covering saucers and standard bowls; for wrapping half bread slices, burrito wraps, and even non-food items such as soaps while travelling
  • Large (12"x12"): for wrapping sandwiches; making funnels and pouches; covering standard plates

The creative uses are actually as endless as your imagination! For more ideas, follow us on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook!



  • Wash with cold water and mild soap, then air dry.
  • Do not use with meat and highly acidic food items.
  • Highly flammable. Do not expose or store near heat sources. Never use with a microwave, oven or dishwasher.
  • Creases and cracks are normal with use over time. The good news is that our wraps were made to be refreshed! Just place it in between two parchment papers, then iron in low heat to melt and spread the wax. Allow wax to harden again before use.

Our food wraps can last from six months to a year (or more) with proper care and maintenance. For more details, please refer to our FAQs page. If the wrap has reached an unsalvageable state, they can be tossed in the compost or used as natural firelighters. 


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