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Our Story

Hello! I'm Claudine, and I'm the human behind Pollen & Hive. (Yes, it's not just our little buzzer friends behind the scenes!)
Pollen & Hive happened out of a widening perspective on the realities of resource and wastage in both the third-world and first-world, after having experienced living in the former for more than half of my life and moving to the latter for good.
What started out as a curiosity about the ways of the world, coupled with thoughts on the philosophical (eg. the four levels of happiness, fleeting emotions becoming a barometer for discarding goods) has led to a striving for conscious consumption.
Pollen & Hive hopes to inspire doable steps and strides toward low-waste living, not crippling and overwhelming perfection to sustainability. We're also here for the life-long learning, together with you and from you (It's been a constant unearthing of global issues and cultural and personal habits that are intertwined so very deeply!).
From our home to yours, we're happy  to meet you through Pollen & Hive. We look forward to joining you in threading our planet lightly, one (reusable) beeswax wrap at a time.